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Our mission is to bring the Gospel of Christ to the ends of the Earth through praise and worship


Korea Tour Day 5

God's Image Ministry

The days go by so fast here.. Because we have multiple concerts in one day, all of the days get jumbled up and we can't seem to keep track! Day 5 was a lot like that. We had two concerts in one day. One at Koh Jahn Church and another at Dong Kwang Church. It was awesome as usual: the kids did great, God moved mightily on stage and behind the scenes, and people were blessed! We always receive an amazing amount of love and blessings whenever we perform at a church, but the amount of love and service we received at Dong Kwang Church was just completely insane. Whenever we perform, the kids need a place to change their uniforms. However, because the closest room to change in was two floors up, the church had BUILT changing rooms JUST for the kids. Beautifully hand-constructed with wood, it had everything from doors to a curtain on the inside.. We were amazed and awestruck by the amount of sacrifice and love they had poured out onto us. We were so blessed not just because of the physical changing room itself, but the heart and thought behind it. THANK YOU DONG KWANG CHURCH!! One million times thank you.

This tour is different than many of the others tours in many ways. But the biggest difference is our spiritual mentality. We know how real our God is and therefore know how real the enemy is. Satan has been working OVERTIME against us. It's crazy to know and crazy to experience the opposition. However, our God is GREATER and STRONGER and He cares for us. We have experienced so many attacks from the enemy, both physical and spiritual, but every single time, God was faithful. The power of prayer is so evident during this tour and we cannot thank you enough (to those who are reading) for praying for us back at home. The kids may be the ones on the stage, but it would not be possible without the prayer and support from those back at home. We thank you and we love you.

- Nicole (LA GI STAFF)