Korea Tour Day 1

Korea Tour Day 1

From 12 PM to 1 AM LA time, we were high up in the sky making our way to SOUTH KOREA! What a day. It was definitely tiring, but we are praying that we don't let that get to us. Today was filled with goodbyes, some tears, lots of selfies, a 13 hour plane ride, and dinner at Home Plus. If anyone was wondering, the weather here was 77 degrees! A little humid but surprisingly very nice! Luckily we came to Korea just in time to escape the 100 degree heat wave.  Everyone at home, please pray for us. We need all the prayer we can get. 

Prayer requests:

  1. Unity within the team. Two weeks with constant performing in a foreign land can get tiring. Although we are with people we love, our discomfort can get the best of us and satan can easily attack. Please pray that we are united as one team under God's lead.

  2. Attitude of thankfulness. It's easy to get distracted by the negative circumstances around us, but please pray that we would not get hindered by that. Please pray that we would focus on the amazing things and opportunities that the Lord has provided and help us to live every day with gratitude in our hearts.

  3. Safety and health. We will be on the road for many hours at a time. Please pray for our safety. Please for the bus drivers that will be tirelessly driving for hours on end. Please pray for the amazing mommies that will be serving us and for the dedicated staff members (from Korea and LA) that are giving their time for us.

  4. Holy Spirit to work in our hearts and of audience's hearts. As much as it is an outreach mission trip, I firmly believe that God will work in our own hearts as well. So please pray for an abundance of God's grace. We want God to move in our hearts. We want God to encounter our students and really move them to love Him more.

Thank you everyone for your support and love. We wouldn't be here without you! Here are some pictures of our day. Enjoy and stay tuned for future updates. We love you guys!

- Nicole (LA GI STAFF)

Tomorrow we will be heading out to Daejeon to perform at an all girls school! Pray for us! : )

Korea Tour Day 2

Korea Tour Day 2